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Who is off to Moscow? Or back to Moscow from Kyiv?
I need your help.
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it\s depends when you need this help?
i'm going to Kyiv and of January, beginning of February

let me know

when you are exactly planing to be here;)

Re: let me know

yea sure! for today it's not clear yet ;)
я тут живу уже неделю. во вторник, 19, лечу в украину. обратно в воскресенье 25 января. звони +79150635212. только звони или пиши смс, я в жж не часто.

thnx, dude!

but I did it without you;)
thanks anyway!
Have you been moved to Moscow na fareva?:)

Re: thnx, dude!

hope non fareva ))))) I don't like Moscow a lot... maybe it will be some middle position between east and west countries ;)